Volvo SC70

I am trying to get a Kelley Blue Book value for a 2001 Volvo SC70 Cross Country Wagon that is advertised on Craigslist. I can’t get that model to come up in anyway that I try to enter it and wonder if there is indeed, such a model?

No such animal.

Most likely, the owner is trying to sell an XC70, and is too dumb/numb between the ears to know the actual designation of his car. Please don’t be too surprised by my opinion, as we get posts all the time from people who say that they own a Toyota “Camary”, or a Toyota “Carrola”, or a Subaru “Impressa”, or a Buick “LaSabra”, or…

And then, my all-time favorite was the person who had a question about his “Toyota Accord”.
We also get questions from people who tell us that they are not sure about the model year of their car, despite the fact that this information is listed on their vehicle registration–along with the car’s make and model, of course.

Trust me–there’s a surprising number of people out there who don’t really know what they are driving. As Tom & Ray like to say, some people are…unencumbered by the thought process.

In 2001 it would be a V70XC Cross Country Wagon. Later it became designated as the XC70 Cross Country wagon.