Volvo s80 2004 scraping noise left front wheel

My volvo s80 fwd 2004 has an occasional scraping noise coming from the left front wheel area when I make slow tight right hand turns. The mechanic can’t find anything wrong with the brakes. You can actually feel the wheel grip or scrape on something about three times in a second when turning right. Any ideas what it could be?

My best guess is that you have a failing CV joint, most likely the one on the left front wheel. Has your mechanic mentioned anything about checking the CV joints?

Check Your Nuts. Have The Ball Joints Been Checked ? Ever Have The Ball Joint Nuts Replaced ?

I’d hate to think they’re loose enough to cause a noise, but some 2004 Model-Year s60, v70, and s80 models had nuts that loosened, sometimes causing the steering wheel to go out of alignment and causing front suspension noise.

The fix is modified ball joint to control arm nuts with increased torque specifications.


I’ll ask my repair guy today to look at that.

Problem was caused by the bolt holding the wheel onto the spline had come off and the wheel was just being held in place by the brake disk rotor pads. Sounds like I should not have been driving around for a month! Got it fixed for free, as I’m sure my mechanic should have noticed that the previous two times he looked at the problem.