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Volvo S70 code PO243

I cannot figure out what is causing this code to come back repeatedly. Car was running fine and then just died. It will start, but not run.

Code said waste gate malfunction Cillenoid A, replced that and it is still broken. Help, I cann’t afford a Volvo mechanic

The engine computer monitors (keeps an “eye On”) the electrical signals to, and from, sensors, and valves, and solenoids. By the trouble code (here P0243) it indicates that there is something wrong with the signal. The trouble code NEVER indicates that a PART is bad----just that a signal is bad. This is why you don’t change a part for a trouble code.
The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0243 is for “[A fault with the circuit to/from the] Turbo or Supercharge waste gate Solenoid A”.
To find the fault with that electrical circuit, you measure (volts, ohms, current) it with a digital multimeter or other instruments. There are troubleshooting charts in places like which tell you what to check for.
Where the Solenoid A is:
Some think that the “silver bullet” is the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor.