Please help. Check engine, codes

My check engine light is on.

When I first start my car after it’s been sitting for any period of time it will stall out after a couple of seconds. When I start it again it usually will do fine. Sometimes it struggles for a moment.

My diagnostic trouble codes are:
P0463 (Fuel Level Sensor Sensor High Circuit Input)
P0506 (Idle Control System RPM lower than expected)
P0442 (Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected (Small Leak))

Any ideas on how to resolve??

Secondary Issue:
My lights seem to expire very quickly. Possible electrical issue? I just replaced my headlight a few weeks ago and it’s already out. My left brake light keeps going out. Sometimes it will return to life on occasion, but then it will go out again.

You don’t say what year Volvo,

But if the engine has an Idle Air Control valve that would be the first suspect for the idle problem.

Electrical issues?

It’s a Volvo!


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The lighting system failing could be related to a charging system failure. Ask you shop to check that. If you know how to measure the battery voltage

  • Before the first start of the day the battery should measure about 12.6 volts
  • Then immediately after starting the engine, 13.5 - 15.5 volts.

What do you measure?