Volvo S40

Thinking about purchasing a 2000 Volvo S40. 1.9 Turbo. The car seems really loud. Is that normal?

No. Try and get it up on a lift and inspect the complete exhaust system starting at the exhaust manifold.

The 2000 Volvo S40 is on Consumer Reports list of “Used Cars to Avoid.” Check the reliability ratings on this vehicle before you spend your money.

'00 to’04 S40’s; (not '04.5 model year and up) are “headache” cars in my opinion. I haven’t noticed too many that were overly loud but that’s subjective. There’re problems with vibration while idling that are extremely hard to solve, though, and boy do these vibrate! Occasionally I can’t get the rear alignment angles within specs when doing a wheel alignment, even if the car’s never hit anything. It’s as

though the rear suspension isn’t attached properly to the body, dimension-wise. The one’s that are OK are solid little economy 4-doors, though. Would a Camry be cheaper?

Its a rebadged euro market Mitsubishi with a touch of Volvo. Don’t bother if you think its loud, it will only get worse.