Volvo v40 wagon 1.9t

Does anyone have any comments on dependability of the 2001 Volvo V40 Wagon?

It’s just an S40 sedan with a SW body. These are Volvo’s “problem child’s”. They’re prone to vibration- some- not all by any means, but the ones that do- wow. Your whole body vibrates in seat at a red light and it’s sometimes an intractable problem. I notice also I sometimes can’t get the rear wheel alignment angles in spec, even when the car’s never been in an accident. It’s like the rear suspension isn’t attached just right to the body. I work at a Volvo dealer and these are my impressions. See Consumer Reports for dependability. I’m not saying they’re not dependable; just Agravating sometimes. (Notice the capital “A”?)

Thanks! I am taking a test drive tomorrow and will definitely “feel” for this problem. Does it seem like this is a problem that all of a sudden pops up or is it more of a problem from the beginning?

If it’s a 2000 model year and it doesen’t vibrate at lights, etc, it probably will be OK indefinately. What are the actual chances? God only knows. Go for a real LONG road test 'cause sometimes it’s an intermittent problem. Good luck.