Wheels won't go forward or backwards

My daughter’s 2004 AWD S60 Volvo, after being parked in the garage for two days, will not go forward or backwards. The engine is running, and no dashboard warning lights are on. Why?

Wheel chocks? Really you must give a good bit more info. If you are thinking there is a “dont go” button that accidently got pushed, there isnt.

Any recent service work that could have gone bad? has the car been acting up in any way lately?

What is this, a Puzzler? Is the car perhaps upside down like a turtle on its back?

You gave plenty of information.

Your parking brake is stuck. Put it in neutral and see if you can push it. If no, problem solved.

Ok we know it does not go forward or backwards after being parked in the garage for two days. Either it has happened only once, or you are not telling us something, like how do you get it working again.

Does the transmission feel like it’s engaging? Check trans fluid level?

Linkage between shifter and transmission broken?