Volvo not starting

I have a 2000 Volvo that does not start every so often. Most of the the time it starts with no problem, but every few days, I turn the key, it sounds like it’s going to start, it turns over and then it dies. It takes about 5 times and and a few minutes to actually start it. Makes me late for work. Very frustrating to say the least. Having trouble with a diagnosis. Any ideas, suggestions???

Is this a 5 cylinder turbo engine? These motors require tune ups more frequently than most cars of the same era. I had a '98 Volvo and I believe the tune up frequency was every 30K miles. This was new plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor. If you are over 30K miles since the last tune up, that is the place to start.

Since the car starts eventually I think moisture in the air is a contributing factor. On moist days, rain, or high humidity you are not getting enough spark. Once the car runs and warms up the ignition system dries out and you run fine for the rest of the day.

Thanks for the reply… and yes it’s a 5 cylinder turbo. The problem is random and occurs regardless of moisture. The car can be hot or cold. Sometimers it just won’t start. I have to take the key out and try again and again until it starts. Once it starts it runs fine. No hesitation or stalls. It just randonly won’t start

Try to narrow the problem: When it doesn’t start, turn the key off, and back ON for a couple of seconds. Do that two or three times. This will build up fuel pressure IF fuel pressure is the problem. We won’t know until it’s tried.
If that procedure of key on, and key off, on, off, on, didn’t seem to help, try another method. Hold the gas pedal to the floor, while cranking the engine. As (if) the engine starts, ease up on the gas. This is the method to clear a flooded engine. Again, we don’t know if this is the problem until you try it. Let us know the results.