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Volvo 940 starting problem

My 95 volvo 940 turbo (26k miles) periodically has dificulty starting. It typically starts right up and runs great but sometimes, maybe one out of twenty starts, it takes 5 to 10 seconds of cranking before it starts and then it runs rough for a few seconds. It seems to have the starting problem randomly, but not first thing in the morning after sitting all night. I’m concerned it will leave me stranded sometime. Any sugestions? Thanks

Sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Try this: Turn the key to “run” with dash icons lit. Wait 10-15 seconds and then try to start the car. If it starts, have the fuel pressure tested and the fuel filter checked. As vehicles age this becomes a common problem. The fuel pump is probably providing pressure in the low range of it’s capabilities.

I’ll try that. Thanks.