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Volvo Noises on Acceleration and Turning

My 2004 Volvo S60 has 99,000 miles on it. Just today it started making a quiet noise like an electric golf cart when I accelerate. Also just today it developed a quiet grinding noise when I turn the wheels (but only if the car is moving). I just had a clutch replaced by on the a/c compressor and I have my car serviced according to schedule. Any ideas what the problem(s) could be?

I don’t play golf, so I don’t know what a golf car sounds like. It’s my understanding there are electric golf carts and gasoline-engine golf carts. I assume they don’t all make the same noise.

Who replaced the AC compressor clutch? Volvo dealer? Independent mechanic? Chain shop, such as Pep Boys?

Can you describe the noise any other way?

The noise is an escallating hum. A Volvo dealer replaced the AC clutch. I have since heard some bad things about the dealer’s service department. Thanks for responding.

Is this noise relative to engine RPM, or vehicle speed?


The RPM-dependent noise could very possibly be the A/C clutch, but from afar it is just very difficult to diagnose this accurately.

As to, “quiet grinding noise when I turn the wheels (but only if the car is moving)”, this is very likely to be an indication of failing CV joints on the front axles. While it could take quite a while before one or both CV joints actually fails, you should be aware that when failure does take place, you will be stranded and will need to be towed. I would suggest having this checked by a competent mechanic sooner, rather than later.

Taking both of these complaints together (grinding noise when turning, hum that escalates with engine RPM), to me, it points towards the power steering pump.

Check the fluid level in the pump, and if you can, use either a mechanics stethoscope or a solid piece of metal and listen to the pump. I will generally use a long 1/2" socket extension, place it firmly against my ear, then press it against the unit I want to listen to. It will pretty accurately transfer the sound to your ear so you can hear it. Use caution not to get anything caught in the belt to include the extension, clothing, hair, whatever.