Volvo exhaust system - 2000 S40

The ice mounds here in Minnesota have somehow fissured the trailing edge of the flex system which leads into the catalytic converter. The local repair guys want $1,525 to replace the whole shebang, which is probably not so environmentally friendly, anyway. Can I not just repair this with a hose clamp and some sort of reinforcing gasket? Is there a firm pipe inside against which a clamp can be tightened? Any other suggestions?

It usually isn’t a good idea to try and repair one of these flex pipes. The repair doesn’t last very long. Better to replace it. See if there’s a size for your car in the above link. If there is, order it and then have a muffler shop weld it in for you.


They seem to be trying too hard to cash in on one flex pipe. We just about know it doesn’t cost that much for the flex pipe and an entire exhaust system should not cost that much either. You can’t fix it yourself by patching it. Try a place that does exhaust work, or just another place that doesn’t need so much money from a single customer.