Volvo dies when turn left (occasionally)

I have a 2004 Volvo, 98,000, S60. The car has died on my about 3 times, weeks apart, when turning right. My first indication is when I can’t steer, I throw on the emergency flashers, put in park, turn ignition and it starts right up and I go on my way. Took to my mechanic and he said he could not replicate. Did test the battery, which was low, bought a new battery, but it did it again today.

Please explain a little more. You post headline says it dies when turning left, but the body of the post says it is when you are turning right. What do you mean when you say the first indication is you can’t steer? Why can’t you steer? Does the steering wheel become locked in one position and can’t be turned? Does the engine stop at that time?

Please explain a little more clearly the exact sequence of events.

It could be many things, but I would start by looking at the electric. Both ends of the battery cables, ground connections etc.

The 2004 S60 uses a hydraulic power steering system. My bet is that the pump is binding when under load and killing the engine.
If you’ve previously been experiencing whining or screeching sounds when turning, that would have been the pump degrading to the point it’s now at.