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Volvo C70 - occasional hard shifts

After my highway commute from work, my C70 will start to make hard shifts back into “Drive” from “Reverse” when parallel parking. It doesn’t do this from a cold start. It will also make occasional hard shifts when coasting in highway traffic (15-30MPH). I read about a similar problem that identified it as a bad throttle body. Any advice or similar experiences? Much appreciated, Doug

What year is the C70. If there was a throttle body issue or a TPS issue the OBD center would illuminate the “CHECK ENGINE” lamp. Have you had that transmission flushed out. Volvo actually uses a special Hypoid Lube that is somewhat expensive. Before you start determine the correct lube spec for the vehicle and have the unit service, no Jiffy Lube and red fluid isnt the cure. Make sure it is the right stuff. There may be an issue with old/burnt/oxidized fluid located in the valve body of the trans., flushing it out will assist in cleaning the debris.

How many miles on your 2001 Volvo? When was the last time the transmission fluid changed? Manual or automatic transmission? How long has it been doing this?

It’s a 2001, automatic with just over 90K on it. I’ve had it less than a year and it’s been doing this hard shifting during parallel parking (after my highway commute) almost from the beginning. I had the car serviced shortly after purchase and they flushed the transmission at that time. The previous owner has a hard driving style.

Thanks. It’s a 2001 with 90K on it. I had the transmission flushed shortly after purchase (less than 1 year ago) by a Volvo specialist. You’d think they would put in the right fluid but you never know right? Mechanic wasn’t sure what the problem could be and said I’d likely need a new transmission - not what I wanted to hear.