Volvo C30 T5 2.0L Hatch

Hey everyone,
I’m looking at buying a 2008 C30 T5 with 74k miles right now, and I’m curious about how it is to own a Volvo. How’s maintenance? Repair cost in comparison?


Maintenance and repair costs are in line with other higher end European makes ( BMW, MB, Jaguar, Audi, etc.). You should be comfortable with the idea of spending about a grand every time a repair crops up. Upkeep will be more expensive than your typical Japanese or American car.

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Thanks, do you think they’re prone to having problems more than other makes? (With Toyota taken out of the picture)… Also, Would you say they’re difficult to work on? I’ve got a 2010 535i and repairing it myself is usually not an option.

Same thing with a Volvo or any European luxury type vehicle . If large repair bills are a concern then you should not buy a used one.

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