MBZ C300 2010 car noises on backing and turning

1)makes a significant clanking noise when releasing the foot brake .

2)Makes loud whining and high pitch sound on a u turn or doing a circle ??

Do not see this on any other cars …

Is this normal ??

Any reliability issues

Is this a C300 characteristic ??

No, it is not normal–especially on a new car.
No, it is not characteristic of a C-300.
No, there are no major reliability issues with a C-300.

The solution to the problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.
Take it back to the dealership, and demonstrate the problems for a technician.

Do not bother to give them a diagnosis, as they will want to go through their own diagnostic protocol.
If they were to attempt a repair based on your diagnosis, and if that diagnosis proved to be wrong, who would pay for the un-needed parts that were installed? (Surely not MB or the dealership!)

If they are not able to fix it on the first attempt, keep taking it back and retain documentation of each repair attempt. If they repeatedly fail to correct the problem, then you can probably resort to protection of your state’s Lemon Law. To read the details for your state, go to www.LemonLawAmerica.com

However, since MB’s customer service tends to be very good, I doubt if you will have to utilize the Lemon Law. More than likely, the dealership will be able to resolve the issue for you, under the terms of your car’s multiple warranties.

Good luck!