Volvo 940 fuel pump

Fuel pump in my Volvo 940 has been replaced twice. Since then, my fuel gauge has not worked right and I have had to pump gas about every 120 miles so that the fuel pump would work right. I would fill the tank, and 120 miles (about 5 gallons) later the fuel gauge would indicate about 1/4 tank of gas left. That’s when the fuel pump begins to mis-behave. If I make a sharp turn, it would stopped pumping for about 2-3 seconds. If I continue to drive at that level of gas. I can avoid all these problems by keeping the tank at least “half-full”, that is, by pumping every 120 miles. The car was totaled by a hail storm and I bought it back for $84. I like to operate the vehicle for as long as I can, one day at a time. Any help about the fuel pump would be appreciated.

Volvo fuel systems can be wildly complicated. I had a '98 V70XC wagon that had 2 fuel tanks and multiple pumps to keep the fuel moving from one to the other. When I got a new fuel pump I counted myself lucky that both tanks would empty so I got about 300-350 per fill up as the gauge didn’t work and the quote was another $1,200 to fix that.

Not sure what your 940 has in terms of fuel tank(s), and you might have more than one fuel pump. At this point if it were mine, I’d be happy it runs and figure to fill the tank every 100 miles. You could be looking at $1,000+ to fix this problem and I don’t think that is the kind of money you want to spend on this car.