Plenty of Gas?

I have a 93 Volvo 940 that I bought about a year ago. The previous owner told me that gas gauge didn’t work and that he just used the trip meter to know when to fill up. Fine-no problem. When I checked the manual for the size of the tank it said 19 gallons and was expecting that it would get me at least 450 miles. However I’ve only been able to get 300 and put in only about 12 gal. Should I check the tank for a stash of drugs or money? The other thing that I think is related is that when the tank is low (250 -300 miles on the meter) it tries to stall out when I go around a sharp turn such as an off ramp. And once in a while, even when I’m full and on a straight road, the car will “cough” and begin to lose power, but then after some pumping resume like normal. Any ideas?

I like the idea of money in the tank, it sounds optomistic. But it could be a ping pong ball in the tank with a pin hole in it. This is an old trick that juvenile delinquents used to pull back when I was a wee lad. It is also possible that some previous owner swapped out the original tank due to a puncture or having low bottomed it on a dirt road. I would get it up on a rack and have a mechanic look at it.


Volvo V70XC wagon ('98 version) actually have 2 gas tanks and need a fuel pump to move gas from one tank to the other - a complicated system. I don’t know the 940 but Volvo’s have complicated gas tanks and gas storage systems (perhaps part of their “safety” designs). You might have 2 tanks and one isn’t really getting utilized and therefore you only have 12 gallons of useable fuel. Something to get under the car and check out.

Would the two tanks be visible from the outside or would there be two tanks concealed in one outer tank?