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My 1994 Volvo 850 won't go

My 1994 850 w/290,000 miles has a problem when I give it gas. The problem is:it won’t go. It revs fine in P/N but when put into one of the 3 forward positions I have to put almost no pressure on the pedal until the car decides to go, but I never know for how long. ANY HELP OUT THERE? THANKS

Sounds like the transmission is fried. Remove the dipstick and check the fluid level.
If it’s brown and smells burnt the transmission is toast. If the fluid level is way low or not on the stick at all due to a leak the same thing applies; it’s toast.

At 290k miles it’s had a good long life.

Perhaps, you’re saying that the transmission won’t engage after you put the shift lever into gear? A transmission fluid and filter change could help that. Might.

The transmission does engage. Sometimes it goes just fine and then there is a sudden decrease in power. The more I step on the gas it just continues to bog down, If I ease up on the pedal and gently apply power it will go…but this technique is not too safe in traffic. Thanks for the suggestion (s)

Why not simply raise the hood and check the transmission fluid? This should not take more than 20 seconds and could tell you if you’re in trouble or not.

When was the transmission fluid last changed, if ever?

The engine is lacking power…it bogs down when the transmission is put into gear. Low fuel pressure, or flow, can cause lack of power.
Have you changed the fuel filter? Is the air filter dirty?