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volvo drive normal in the beginning and when need to stop at traffic lights then transmission does not shift rpm going up and up ,need to ease up on the gas but to no avail then need to stop, shut down the engine and the tran resets for a while and works great like nothing ,and then does it again . Is it the computer ,the software or the tran itself ,this is my 4 th tran in a year

4 transmissions? Time to dump the Volvo. Trade it in and get another car.

4th transmission within the year? Who the heck is looking at & working on your car? Whomever did the first replacement is still on the hook for getting you back on the road IMHO. Your description is hard to interpret, but if you’ve had 4 transmissions in a year AND if you can shut off the engine & then start it back up & everything is normal then the transmission itself is not your problem.

You need to find someone who can actually figure out what is going on. What kind of a shop has put 4 transmissions in it? They must not know what they are doing.

this is my 4 th tran in a year You need a new transmission shop. Who has replaced all these transmissions and what do they say is the problem? Has there been any warranties on any of those transmissions?

There is no computer to reset. Likely, your transmission is gone but works better cold than warm or hot. This is straightforward, you need a new transmission.

I just read the last part. Do you accelerate from a stop very quickly? Do you like to spin the tires up, in the snow or rain or dry asphalt? If so, your transmission is probably being overheating each time. It’s not an engine. It can’t handle that.
If you haven’t and don’t beat on this car, give up on it. You could buy a much more reliable Toyota Corolla for the same money you have spent so far on a single part.