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Volvo 850 locks problem

When I start my 850 the locks go down. However this past summer, on hot days, it would take the car up to a minute for them to engage. Until they are engaged I can’t shift into gear, the headlights won’t work nor the blinkers. I was thinking it was a sensor but my mechanic says no. The car does have an after market Chapman alarm that I use to remotely lock/unlock the car.

Any one have ideas on what the problem might be?

Can you push the lock button manually when you are in the car? I’ve never heard of a set up like this and I’ve owned '98 and 2000 Volvos.

Good question. I believe I can but I would still not be able to shift into gear. Also, I am not able to reproduce the problem right now as it only happens when the temperature is above ~80 degrees. Here in Seatle the weather is much cooler than that right now.

The Chapman system is like what is on most cars these days. I have a device on my keychain and I press a button to lock (set the alarm and lock the doors) the car and another button to turn off the alarm and open the locks. Not sure if the Chapman system is related to the problem or not but thought I should mention it.

Try grounding the engine to the fender with a jumper cable. If the locks work right, fix the bad ground.

Thanks, I will give that a try.