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Volvo 740 Transmission

I have a Volvo 740. I have had the Transmission rebuilt and recently(3 weeks ago) had a replacement transmission put it. But know it is up to its old tricks again. When I put the car in reverse it is very difficult to go in reverse, if it goes at all. Also when I put the car in neutral and I step on the gas the car goes forward, as if I am in drive. I am avoiding reverse as much as possible. I find it hard to believe that this “new” used transmission has the same issue as my old transmission. Is a Volvo transmission also run by a computer? If so could this be the problem?

It sounds to me like something is not right with the shift linkages. The shift linkage/cable assy needs to be inspected and adjusted first. As far as the trans being computer commanded, it could be, you did not state what year your 740 is. Take it back to the shop that did the work and have them straighten it out.


So it was not the shift linkage. The trans fluid is now milky, and the car does not go into reverse anymore unless I really push down on the gas. When in neutral it still goes forward. I do know that the torque converter with the new trans was damaged before it was put on so the old torque converter was put on. also could the valve body be doing any of this? UGH! help!?

Milky trans fluid is not good. It sounds like engine coolant got mixed in with the fluid from a bad trans cooler. Why in the world would they put the old converter back in if the new one was bad??? Why didnt they just get another new one?? Sounds like this trans is also bad.