Volvo 2005 V50 AirbagLight and Wipers wont turn off

While sitting at a stoplight, suddenly our wipers came on and would not turn off, the tailgate warning light was on, the interior lights were all on and the scariest: the airbag malfunction warning light . The radio was on with no problem. We drove the remaining 2 blocks to work and restarted the car and it didnt change the scenario. We tried to relatch the tailgate but it was tightly closed and locked. We were able to turn off the interior lights manually. As we walked away, the lock button on or keys didnt lock the car.

Please be aware that while the Airbag warning light is on the system is deactivated and will not function in the event of a crash. You’ll probably need a computer scan by a Volvo dealer to determine why the light came on.

Buckle up!

This is a guess but I would first check to see if the alternator is ok. Make sure that there isn’t any AC voltage getting across the battery while the engine is running around 2,000 RPM (at least no more than .1 volt). Also make sure that the DC voltage is between 13.2 and 14.8 volts.