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Volvo 2000 V40: unfortunately not good vibrations & front axel problem. Is it worth it to repair?

My 2000 Volvo V40 has yet another problem. The local volvo mechanic (where I live it is impossible to find a non-dealer mechanic to fix my car) told me that my front axel needs replaced at a cost of at least $600. I just kept driving my car anyway until recently when the check engine light has gone on and will not shut off. Since then, there is a steady and light vibration under the gas pedal while driving (all the time). Question: is the front axel causing this vibration? Is it worth it to fix this car? I just bought a new Honda Civic and this car is just for when my daughter returns home from school. Please help!

See if any of your local parts stores can read the check engine codes and post back the exact codes read.

The check engine light is not related to the front axle; it is a different problem and needs to be checked out.

The light vibration could also be a third issue to be checked out also.

Not sure why you balk at $600 quote for the front end repair; your Volvo certainly has more value and lots of good miles left.

$600 is not terrible for ANY car to repair the front axle.

I would take it to your trusted mechanic and ask for a full estimate on what it will take to repair. Post back for opinions. For the amount it will likely cost to repair you cannot buy another decent vehicle without spending far more money.

Thank you for the advice. I’m not balking at the $600 cost. I am more concerned is it worth it to fix as this car is barely used.My daughter uses it when she returns home from school which is about a month in the summer and over the holidays. I drive it around the neighborhood from time to time of course but overall this is just a car that is handy but only from time to time. I’m just concerned of all the problems together, axel, vibration, check engine, could be very expensive. I will put money into the car but not more than my money’s worth. Thanks again!

Best thing to do is get a good diagnosis and cost estimate. Then decide and prioritize what and when to repair. Unfortunately, if you choose to sell the car without these repairs, the cost of repairing the car ultimately reduces your selling price.

One way to value would be to compare cost of repair, insurance and upkeep for one year to renting a car whenever your daughter needs one. My office pays around $400-450 to rent a car for one month, to give you a rough value estimate.