Replaced axel on used car

I’m considering buying a '96 Honda Civic coupe. It has 94,000 miles and seems to be in great shape. It’s being sold by a reputable auto repair shop in town who had gotten the car at auction.

One of the mechanics said they had “done the front brakes and axel.” What reasons would there be for them to replace the axel? Is it something I should be concerned about? It’s been driven in New England all its life, so could it be rust damage?

Replacing the AXLE indicates that a CV joint was in need of replacement, which is not surprising on a fwd car of this age. Hopefully they replaced both axles, rather than just one.

That, along with brakes, qualifies as maintenance, rather than repair, when a car is that old.

[b]The front axle or halfshaft was probably replaced because of a worn out CV-joint. These axles are replaced all the time because of this. So I wouldn’t be worried about this in as far as whether or not this is deciding factor in purchasing the vehicle.