Volvo 2000 S80 - oil leaks under the driver's seat carpet


I see some greenish kind of oil leakage in the driver’s seat floor under the carpet. When I tried to clean the mud rug i saw oil under the mud rug and noticed the oil leaked somewhere below the driver’s seat carpet. Would you please let me know what could be the reason ?



Most likely the “oil” is coolant. Source is a leaking heater core which is located under the dashboard. Are you adding coolant periodically and wonder where it is going? When you turn on the heater or defroster are you getting a “greasy” steam from the vents and any odor? These are all signs leading to a leaking heater core. Usually a pretty nasty job to replace these. On Volvo’s it can be a really, really nasty job.

If this is the problem a Volvo dealer is going to want big bucks to fix it. Get an estimate from an independant garage that works on Volvo’s for a comparison.

I will also add to check your brake and power steering fluids and see if it is low.

Hi UncleTurbo,

I am adding coolant periodically. I am not getting any greasy steam from the vent or odor. But I noticed the heat is not blowing as before, even if I turn the fan knob to fullest level. Earlier when I turn the fan to full it will blow the air in high speed and I hear the noise of the fan. Now it is blowing the air as if it is in level 1 or 2, even thought it is turned to its fullest level. Sure I will get an estimate from a local garage and compare it with the Volvo dealer.

Thanks much. Srini.