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My Car Has Flatulence

my 2000 Volvo XC has the occasional loss of radiator fluid, and when breaking and speeding up hard smells funky (my wife calls it farting). Also there is a Small puddle of non water fluid behind the driver seat, this has been going on for 1 year plus and no one is able to figure this out

This I figure happens when the heat is on, It may be the heater core or a leak if you have rear passenger heating. What is the smell like? Would anifreeze look like the fluid you see?

Does this vehicle have rear A/C?

There may be a line leak.

You mentioned the puddle was ‘non water’ fluid. Any particular odor to the fluid or distinctive color?

car does have rear A/C and heat, fluid is clear and sticky, does NOT smell like antifreeze thought (according to me and my mechanic). Heater core/AC unit was changed

I don’t know Volvos, but the heat for the rear has to get there somehow. If it all through air ventilation there is no problem but if there is a secondary heater core for rear seat comfort That system could be suspect.

Check your shorts, OH I mean “check for shorts”

the puddle seam to be concentrated only under the driver seat, could it have something to do with the heated seat there?

is this something I need fixing? how much would that run me

A pressure test could indicate a loss of coolant, the heated seat would not be part of the problem as it is like an electrical blanket, no fluid. A new heater core you would need to get an estimate, and proper conclusion that is the problem. I would think no more than $500 would fix it, but make sure that is the problem.

…especially while “breaking”.