Voltage problems Isuzu rodeo

2 plugs one is a cigarette plug the other is aux plug. I keep a 100 w inverter plugged into the cig plug until it quit. Voltmeter says 0 fuse is good. So I plugged inverter into aux plug. It quit so I tested it and the aux plug shows 75 volts. That’s the problem how is there voltage so high? Ran an aftermarket plug direct from battery and it shows 13.9 average. I just can’t figure out how I’m getting 75 on my aux plug…!

Maybe if you look again you’ll see a decimal point mixed in the ‘75’ reading somewhere.

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Could be voltmeter is on wrong scale, or as mentioned overlooked decimal or ghost readings.

Doesn’t that screen indicate 74.6 milli volts? It does indicate it’s running on AUTO RANGING.


Right that says millivolts , so basically you are getting little to nothing out of that plug .