Volkswagon golf transmission/ clutch sticking

my 1985 Golf has had gearshift problems of the linkage before - now the problem seems to be more serious: two opinions from my trusted mechanic - first that it was the synchros going bad, then maybe the clutch plate or cable.

Symptoms are almost absent first thing in the morning, but getting into gear becomes progressively more difficult throughout the day (heat?), and getting out of gear gets sticky too.


It does help sometimes to be more careful to fully depress the clutch all the way to the floor, but that’s not enough to make the problem go away.

Have issues like clutch pedal freeplay and cable integrity been resolved? I see your comment that your mechanic suspects a problem with the cable, I also suspect a problem with the cable or the cable housing.

A mechanic experienced with this year model would be valuable.

How far above the floor is the pickup point of the clutch, i.e. where the clutch effectively engages? Does the transmission grind when going into reverse? How much free play does the clutch pedal have before resistance is felt?

A little information will help us help you.