1-2 gears shifting weird at low speeds 2017 vw golf

Hey there, quick question for someone. This has been an issue for awhile but usually at lower speeds my vw golf shifts super weird. Sitting in traffic is brutal as it cant choose first or second gear. Its a 7 speed dsg auto, and I know they usually have issues. I also notice a deep I guess grumble coming from my engine going up hills, kinda sounds like your gonna stall in a manual. Could it be carbon buildup and my engine struggling?

Thanks for the help

Couple of things.
If you have not had your transmission fluid changed (30-50,000 mile intervals) have it done with VW spec. fluid.
Check with dealership for any possible updates for your car.
Struggling going uphill might be transmission related, is it downshifting appropriately? What does your tachometer read?


Have you checked around VW Golf forums?

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Sorry for the late reply, I got 61k miles. I was planning on doing the fluid in the next couple of weeks. The shifting has been kind of weird for awhile now, I know these dsg transmissions like to be wonky.

Yeah I have a lot, just some of my issues were super vague and couldn’t find an answer. I’m having a place check for carbon tmrow.

Also wanted to thank you, you replied to a post of mine awhile ago about a stalling issue, and your solution fixed it.

Lots of ideas when I googled ‘VW DSG gearbox problems’:
vw dsg gearbox problems - Search (bing.com)

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Dual clutch auto transmissions aren’t exactly the same thing as a manual trans. they still use a torque converter. My guess, your symptoms point to a problem in the torque converter rather then a dual clutch innards. The advice above to renew the transmission fluid makes a lot of sense.

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Yeah hopefully it’s just that, I’m gonna do that in a couple of days and update the post.

I think I was looking too deep, yeah jt seems that even though they work better than normal trans, they have a lot of “issues”

I don’t think so. They have two clutches to automate shifting. No torque converter.

[quote=“texases, post:11, topic:186502”]Dual clutch automatics have two clutches to automate shifting. No torque converter.

Yes, you are absolutely right, appears to be no TC in this type of transmission. I must have been thinking of the other non-traditional automatic, CVT, which (I think … lol) does also use a torque converter.