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Volkswagen TDI 2011 Momentary Loss of Power

I have had the car sense it was brand new and sense I have had it I have had this problem. I mostly notice a problem soon after starting the engine up and come to a stop, but is not limited to that all the times. When I come to a stop the car will feel like it is struggling to maintain an idle as I sit at the light or stop sign and it will actually shake the car a bit. I have noticed when it does do this the fan is on and it might be related to having the alternator trying to keep up with power draw. I have noticed a loss of power when I am driving down the road it will cut out for maybe a half a second and come back. Usually doesn’t happen more than once in one trip. I have brought it to the dealership multiple times to try and see if the can hunt down a problem but it keeps coming back with a clean bill of health. So my question is it something that is normal with diesel engines or is it something that I should take a further look at.

And while on the topic of diesel engines, my uncle a mechanic for diesel engines suggested that I spray a small amount of propane into the air intake to help burn up sludge to keep the engine relatively clean. Does anyone have a second opinion of that idea before I try it?

I would put this in VW’s lap. DON’T do what your uncle suggests, a TDI is not much like a heavy duty diesel. And if something goes wrong, you would be 100% responsible.

Have you posted this on the VW TDI forums?

Unless you have accumulated a very large number of miles already, this 2011 car should still be under warranty. If the dealer is uncooperative or simply unable to diagnose the problem, you need to “kick it up a notch” by getting VW of America involved at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Post your question at in an appropriate forum. There are plenty of TDI owners there who might be able to help.

I haven’t posted anything on the or any where else. The thing that keeps throwing me is that when I tell the people at the dealership they can’t ever get it to reproduce what happens to me. So unless it gets worse I am afraid that it is going to happen like every other time that I have brought it in, and just dismiss my claims as just an overly cautious owner. I was hoping for someone that would have come across a similar problem so that I know that I am not the only one.