05.5 VW JETTA TDI engine shake at idle 1.9L manual

I’m having a problem with my jetta, its only got 54k miles and after a highway drive on a warm day the engine shakes at idle like it’s slightly unbalanced. It’s not the EGR valve because the dealer changed that already, at a hefty sum, and it still isn’t fixed. I drove it home today and it is still doing it. Any help would be appreciated before I go broke.

I can’t answer that question, but I think there is a forum dealing with vw diesel engines. Try a web search on “TDI” and you might get a better answer.

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Try: http://www.tdiclub.com/

They have the TDI pros. Since your car appears to be out of warranty, why are you taking it to a dealer. The guys at TDI club will likely have local TDI mechanics listed for your area. They also will have great professional advice and archived data. Get togethers are common and are great ways of meeting local TDI people, while getting free help. They could have told you how the EGR can be easily cleaned for free.

When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? How about the air filter? Has the CEL come on? Has the intake ever been checked or cleaned? Do you drive it easy or hit it hard on occasion? You don’t have an oiled (K&N) air filter do you?