Jetta TDI Stalls

I have an '04 Jetta TDI that stalls occasionally for the past 9 months. The stalling almost always occurs when I am stopped in traffic and then it restarts immediately. Recently it also stalled as I was driving down the street. Any clues? Seems to me like it might have something to do with the battery or alternator but I really don’t know anything about diesel engines.

Had the same with my 2003 TDI. After having it towed to the dealer 4 times they finally found out it was the Main Power Relay. Replaced it and the car hasn’t died again in three years.

GO TO THE VW TDI FORUM…Those guys know absolutely positively everything TDi…Your answer lies there.

I owned a 99 TDi…but I think you have the Pump Duse engine…totally different fueling on that Diesel… Freagle has a good suggestion and its should be relatively cheap to look into…otherwise…go to the forum…they will KNOW what it is…no doubt in my mind