Volkswagen jetta witha weird creaking noise

my 2004 jetta is making a a strange noise when i sit down in it or lean against it or pull the car out on an incline. it seems like a suspension issue–shocks or struts. i am still trying to find a good and honest mechanic in my area, so i want to have some knowledge of what this might be before i take it in and get charged for something that i don’t need. any ideas would be most helpful?

This could be anything from dry bushings (just an annoyance) to serious problems like ball joints or tie rod ends that are dry (a definite safety issue). From a distance, nobody can tell you for sure.

Try the Mechanic’s Files section of the Car Talk website to locate recommended mechanics in your zip code. Just be sure to AVOID Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, and any other chain operation. You want an independent mechanic, and if you can find one who specializes in VWs, that is even better.