2019 Volkswagen Jetta - Clangs

My 2019 Jetta has horrible rear suspension noise. It makes a clanging noise, especially the right rear wheel.
Cant believe this passes quality control; I have had car in size from a Beetle to a Lincoln Town Car…have never heard so much rear suspension noise emminate into the cabin. I am a Service Advisor at a VW Dealership, would not recommend this car for this reason, and my Techs say the noise is normal??

I hope the franchise owner doesn’t see your post.
As service manager you should be able to take out every Jetta on the lot for comparison.

Apparently you used your real name on this post and say you are a service adviser at a VW dealership . Also saying you would not recommend this Jetta . Probably not the wisest thing to do . It seems that a service adviser would know how to elevate a complaint to corporate.

If you want to you can send a PM to @cdaquila and have this removed .

If the car is yours, and it has such an apparent issue, how did it pass the test drive?

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