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Volkswagen Crafter Issues and Questions

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Crafter 2015 2.0 163BHP TYPE: 2EKE2 VARIANT: LM4D1350N VERSION: LEB24VA3 ENGINE: CKUB071098

1.Do you guys know if this is a 4 or 5 cylinders?
2.Is it EURO 5 OR EURO 6 ?
3.Does it have AdBlue ?
4.Are all these models Bi-Turbo ?

The main problems with it, seller said that the DPF has been stolen, i have been trying to look for a second hand one, i have been asked if it`s got the AdBlue or not ?
I had a look under the bonet, it looks like the 2 holes are present, where the AdBlue cap should be located.
Glow-plug light is flashing as well and the car is in limp-mode.
Has anyone got a diagram for this type of engine ?

Many thanks for your future replies.

This is a US based site so I had to Google VW Crafter . It is not sold here and it seems like you need a diesel mechanic . It also appears you may have made a very poor purchase . Also you really should not put your VIN on an open web site.

Did you look at the Wikipedia entry for your vehicle OP? The article might have some of the info you’re asking about.

Looks like it’s Euro5b emissions and 4cyl across the line. Not all are Bi-Turbo (108bhp for base) Based on the Sprinter van’s by Mercedes that we did get here in the U.S.