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Compact SUV opinions

Anyone know much about a Volkswagen Tiguan compared to a Subaru Forester or Honda CR-V?

I’d be worried more about the VW’s reliability, but it seems to be improving. We have an '07 Forester, love it, but all 3 are good. Test drive them, see what you like.

Have you priced one? there crazy expensive and I don’t think its a good buy. If you want all wheel drive you have to spend 30k and thats without leather. Also has a turbo and needs premium fuel.

The Subaru comes standard with AWD. The CRV is quite reliable but doesn’t have the off-road ability of the Forester. The Tiguan will have a more premium feel, but is overpriced.

Expect maintenance and repairs to be about 15% higher for the Tiguan than the CR-V. M&R should be about 30% higher for the Outback than the CR-V. Repair costs are low, but maintenance is high on the Subaru.

Take all three for a decent test ride and decide. If you can’t choose or its close look at specific specs like costs etc.

The Mazda CX-7 compares more with the Tiguan than the Forester or CR-V. The 2.3L version(touring/grand touring) has more power(200hp/207tq vs 244/258), and a shorter turning radius(39.4 vs 37.4) a little more storage room(56 vs 59 cu ft max). While the AWD version is heavier by almost 600 pounds(3433 vs 4001 pounds), the fuel mileage is only 1 mpg different(18/24/20 vs 17/23/19), and that can be made up by driving technique. Price for the different AWD versions of the CX-7 and Tiguan are pretty much the same as well.
Then there’s the notoriously horrid customer service we’ve heard about that VW gives their owners.

It all depends on what you are looking for. I took a long look at the Forester and the Tiguan and decided on the Tiguan. I found the fit/finish of the Tiguan much better that the Forester. The Tiguan was more fun to drive, and I also found the seating position more comfortable for me.

When you configure any of the vehicles similarly, there is less than 10% difference in price, especially at the higher end.

In the end it comes down to which one do you like best from looks and comfort. There is no such thing as a perfect car. You will be making a trade-off with any of the above vehicles. I suggest that you take each out for a drive and determine which is best for want you want.

As for customer service, well you can get the run-around from any dealer/manufacturer. I’ve had really good experience with two VW dealers in Colorado Springs. I’ve read of bad experiences with Toyota dealers. So take these all with a grain of salt. Sometimes bad experiences are as much the fault of the customer as the person providing the service (the customer is not always right and can have some pretty unrealistic expectations at times).