Volkswagen Beetle with a V-12 engine

Aka Bugatti Veyron according to car max

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Funny article but you can understand why CarMax does not have a Veyron in its computers. Bugatti only built 450 of these cars.

I imagine they don’t list a McLaren F1 either. 106 built, sold for over $1 million in 1995 when new. The last auction price was $15 million

DeMuro pulled that stunt awhile back with a Ferrari as part of his ongoing screw-with-Carmax series.

Best part of the article was when the manager asked him if he read Jalopnik because there was some guy that always writes about Carmax there.


Volkswagen is the dirty big daddy that owns a number of companies. I would have thought that the Bugatti would relate more to a Porsche, from which the beetle was derived

The Veyron’s V16 (not V12) engine is a direct descendant of VW’s VR6 engine. Several of VW’s luxury groups’ engines are. Take 2 VR6, put them on a common crankshaft, now you have the Bentley V12.
Take the VR6, add 2 cylinders to the end, then put two of them on a common crankshaft, poof! You have the Veyron’s V16. Take off 2 cylinders, put them on a common crankshaft, now it’s the ‘cheap’ Bentley’s V8. I think they even have a VR5, with one cylinder removed…

A lot of folks refer to the 8, 12, and 16 as ‘W’ engines, not ‘V’ engines.

Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson, Ferdinand Piech, resurrected Bugatti while he was in charge of Volkswagen Audi Group. Direct relation to the designer of the original VW Beetle. Close enough for you? :wink::smiley:

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