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Volkswagen air pipe?

My 2004 Passat has to have the ‘air pipe’ replaced. Anyone know what this is or had to have theirs replaced?

The mechanic who suggested this replacement should have explained to you what an air pipe was.

There are many things on a modern automobile that might be referred to as an “air pipe.” Did you get any indication whatsoever as to which part they plan to replace, or why it needs to be replaced?

If not, I suggest you call your mechanic or VW dealer and request more information. It’s your money, you should know what you’re buying.

See here:,2308&groupid=6721&subgroupid=10238&componentid=0&makeid=35&model=Passat&year=2002&graphicID=9255065&callout=13&catalogid=2&displayCatalogid=0

Yeah, I Googled it.