2015 Toyota Highlander - Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth drops after a few minutes while talking to anyone. Has worked for many years but for the past few months it has dropped with out warning. Rebooting the system may or may not reconnect the iPhone back to the system.

The same thing happens in my 2017 Highlander hybrid. The call will sporadically drop. If someone tries to call me back right away, either the call doesn’t display on the screen or if it does, neither the steering wheel control nor the onscreen buttons will let me answer the call. The only way to fix it is to shut the car off and then it pairs.

The local Toyota dealership said a software update would take care of the problem. It did not.

A lot of people have had problems with the dropped calls with Toyota’s ETune system.

I replaced mine with a Kenwood a couple years so I could get Apple Car play.

Wow! How’d you get it to fit?


My guess is they meant Kenwood, which would fit a lot easier.

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I sometimes HATE auto correct.

I fixed the post. Yes it wasn’t a Kenworth. It was a Kenwood.