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VOC levels - Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf

What is the VOC level of the Chevy Bolt vs. the Nissan Leaf? How can I find this info, I’m extremely chemically sensitive and occasionally ponder switching to horse and buggy for that reason!

Being very frank, I doubt anyone has measured the VOC levels in different vehicles. IMHO, leave your window down 1/2 inch or so when parked along with the HVAC set to fresh air. When first driving the car fully open the windows to allow fresh air into the vehicle.
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There are so many chemicals in an average car, causing such a variety of problems, that there’s no point in listing them all. Some experts say there are around 275 possible contaminants, with about 50 being the most prevalent [source: Weathers]. They can be broadly categorized, though. Vinyl, the cheap plastic-like upholstery material, is one of the very worst. Other offenders are formaldehyde, a preservative; flame retardants, which help protect the cars’ occupants from the heat of the engine bay and exhaust; heavy metals and various plastics, which make up components such as the dashboard, door handles and armrests. The mildest symptoms of inhaling these chemicals are nausea and headaches, which many people might not even think is related to their new car. Over time, though, the prolonged exposure can cause problems with the central nervous system, hormones, memory loss and cancer, among other scare factors.