VIN Numbers

I was looking at auot auctions on line, and noticed that they give you a vin # but don’t tell you if it is automatic or standard tranmission. Can you tell this from looking at the vin #?

My guess…I’m interested to find out myself.

Looks like they might be vehicle make specific as to what the represent ? Help !

I know for sure that information is NOT provided in the VIN of my Dodge.

There are websites that will interpret the various VINs for you. Google “interpet VIN make model” for the cars of interest to you.

The VIN cannot tell if the vehicle has a manual or auto trans. It is not designed to, although if you call a dealer/parts dept. with the last 8 of the VIN they most likely would be able to tell you. Some manufactors may need all 17 digits.

Try this site :

As far as I know VIN numbers carried the engine but not the transmission type.

The number itself does not tell you, but it does identify your car and only your car. The manufacturer could tell you, or you might see if your auto insurer would answer your questions. My insurer always asks me what the VIN is when quoting rates for a car I want to buy. It appears that they have access to the manufacturer’s databases and can pull up info on any car new enough to have a VIN.