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Vibrations in steering at 35 miles an hour

When I have to brake suddenly, at about 35 miles an hour, I begin to get strong vibrations in the steering wheel and the same in the brakes. After 35 miles an hour (and prior to this speed), it’s relatively smooth. I’m also starting to notice an unevenness in my tires. I’ve gotten it checked out and was told that my brakes still have wear, but there was a little “warping.” This needs to be fixed! Please advise.

Find a empty road, make a couple of hard slowdowns from 60 or so, i.e. 60-5 mph. Don’t lock up the brakes, just short of that. Two of these rapid slowdowns should do the trick. Don’t repeat a third time at least for awhile, it will overheat the pads.

The objective is to heat up the brakes enough to burn off any deposits that have built up without overheating them.

Keith’s “burn-off” method sometimes works…But there might be other things wrong here…You mentioned uneven tire wear. That sometimes can be traced back to defective or damaged tires or worn front-end parts which can cause the wheel shimmy. The MOST LIKELY cause would be warped brake rotors and the only real cure is replacing them along with the brake pads…

Also, when posting car questions, you will get far better replies if you include the year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle you are talking about…