Vibration upon acceleration in fourth to fifth gear

I have a 2013 Volkswagen Golf TDI with 109k. Recently, I’ve had issues with vibration through the accelerator but only when pressing it and shifting through gears. At that time (three months ago) the vibration was felt in third to fourth gears upon acceleration. When I let up on gas the vibration stops. I was told the engine mounts were worn. I’ve just had transmission and motor mounts replaced with OEM parts from Volkswagen about a month and a half ago. The vibration was better but still felt now in fourth to fifth gears at about 50mph and again only upon acceleration. There is a little vibration in steering wheel. When I really gas it the vibration is less but when I baby it the vibration is much more significant. It was time to get new tires so I also had new tires mounted and balanced and was told my alloy wheels were bent. Three of them are bent and fourth out of round. I priced getting them fixed vs new alloy wheels. I opted for new alloy wheels. I just had fantastic looking wheels mounted and balanced hoping this would fix it. However, the vibration is still there at about forty five to fifty five mph upon acceleration. I’m not sure what else it could be. I have had transmission serviced at about eighty thousand miles when it was supposed to be done. It is a DSG transmission.