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Toyota 2009 camry V6 Engine Vibration in cabin while in gear and also

Toyota 2009 camry V6 Engine ( 55,000 Miles ) Vibration in cabin while in gear and also heat build-up on the centre console just to the rear of the gear selector and took it to the Toyota dealer 2 times and they say the vibration is normal ( looks like they don’t know what is the problem or don’t want to admin it ) … and the Engine is very smooth till 2 months back and it is annoying even the Water bottles and the Cell phone vibrate when I put it in the cup holders …
Any Help is really appreciated because it’s very difficult to drive the car with the Vibration and Grrrrrrrrrr Grrrrrrrrrr sound …

If the engine itself is actually running properly (no Check Engine Light lit up), then my prime suspect would be the motor mounts.

Thanks for the reply and No Engine Light and dealer checked it out and the dealer don’t want to accept that it is a motor mount problem because it has only 55000 Miles on it and also if the car is in parking position, it doesn’t vibrate, is there any way to verify the motor mounts ??

Clean the MAF. Mine did the same thing at the 53k miles. Use a cleaner that is safe for sensors.


“dealer don’t want to accept that it is a motor mount problem because it has only 55000 Miles”

That it is a silly reason to rule out the motor mounts

I’ve replaced failed motor mounts on many vehicles that had less miles than that

The motor mounts should be tested (shops have methods to quickly do this, and do it all the time) and I expect the mounts will probably be ruled out as a potential cause after doing the test. Unless the car has been driven very aggressively, hard accelerations and downshifting, etc.

So what could it be? hmm … well, the heat build up would cause one to think there’s some kind of transmission problem. Seems unlikely, but possible I guess. Has all the routine transmission maintenance been done? Are you 100% certain that area is hotter now than before?

Other than that, and a careful visual inspection shows no problem, the car has been looked at while on a treadmill, etc, the shop will probably start to have to taking stuff apart, remove the transmission, etc. It may be something mechanic is seriously amiss inside the transmission or the engine. There’s a gadget called a “balance shaft” on some engines. If you car has one, this could be the culprit. Be sure to ask your mechanic to pull up all the TSB’s and product recalls. Maybe something will be found there that other owners have reported. And the OP should google this problem too. Best of luck.