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Vibration & noise when braking

2004 GC, 6 cyc, 2wd. Had TERRIBLE noise & vibration when braking but problem was intermittent, no codes generated. Everybody suspected ABS problem. New pads, new rotors, new ABS module no help. Frequency increased but severity decreased. Technician finally experienced one occurance, identified & replaced a weak steering stabilizer. Problem has surfaced again but not so severe and appears to be increasing in frequency. My best description is when braking from 45-50 mph, Vibration & noise begins at about 35 mph, increasing in intensity until about 18-20 mph then stops. Seems to me that the transmission downshifts and the noise stops. AMCO suggested a cracked flywheel or loose bolts on the torch converter. Also the engine idles at 1100-1200 rpm on start-up then goes to 850 rpm - will not go lower. Does this sound like a transmissiom problem? The transmission was rebuilt/replaced at about 94,000 miles and the problem started at about 111,000 miles. All thoughts & advice welcome.

It’s the dreaded “Death Wobble” and Jeeps are famous for it. Your front wheels are going into a spontaneous steering oscillation. One cure is new tires and a wheel alignment, replacing any and all worn parts in the steering system…

Since the steering stabilizer has already been replaced, you should be aware that other worn-out front-end parts that contribute to this problem on Jeeps are:

The Track bar
Bushings in the control arms

Begin with the cheaper stuff, like tire balancing (or possibly new tires) and wheel alignment, but if these things do not cure the problem, you will need to take it to a Jeep specialist who is familiar with what to look for in regard to the parts listed above.

Trust me–this problem is only going to get worse until the point where it is a genuine safety hazard if you don’t attend to it soon. And, I suggest that you not return to AAMCO. I wouldn’t trust them to correctly diagnose anything, and when you also factor in their typically poor workmanship and their high prices, they are definitely a place to avoid.