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1998 jeep grand cherokee vibration

the jeep’s whole front end starts to vibrate when one hit a bump(above 45mph) or press lightly on the brakes. the vibration takes a life of its own and only stops when one slows down below 40mph.the whole front end shakes as does the steering wheel. i know that the front rotors are a little warp, but the vibration has been there a while. i am going to replace the rotors and the shock adsorvers and i have replace the steering dampener. can some one help me with this problem,tks…

There are several forums dedicated to Jeeps. I suggest that you search for the term “death wobble”. You will find plenty of information on the subject. As a summary, the causes are all related to worn suspension components and alignment.

thanks for the post, i have found a ton of info using the term “death wobble”, and i feel i can fix or reduce the problem tks again.

The most common cause of the death wobble on Jeeps is the track bar. It links the steering components to the drivers side frame rail and is frequently missed during a front end inspection because few people know how to check it properly. It has either a bushing or ball-and-socket joint attached to the drivers side frame rail (left side, not drivers side if it’s a postal Jeep, of course), and the way you check it is with the vehicle on the ground. Have an assistant shake the steering wheel back and forth, from three o’clock to nine o’clock while you shine a flashlight on that joint. If there is any movement, the track bar needs replaced. The steering damper was a good idea, though, and should definitely be replaced routinely.