Gas Pedal Vibration

I have gas pedal vibration when accelerating. I can feel it the most when the car goes hits 1500rpm. Took it to the dealership and they checked for exhaust leak, engine mounts, and driveshaft. They didn’t find anything wrong. They just told me to monitor it and let them know if I notice anything else.

My steering wheel is also a bit rough. There is vibration kind of feeling. I definitely feels that something is not right. Also, there is floorboard vibration.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I don’t understand much about cars so I have been doing research on the internet to figure out what’s going on.

what year is your vehicle? part of the exhaust system hitting underneath can cause a vibration.

Mitsubishi Outlander: Shaking When Accelerating → Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (

It is a 2022 model. Dealership did check the exhaust system and told me it’s fine. I may take the car to another dealership and see what they say.

Can unbalanced tires cause this kind of vibration?

yes, an unbalanced tire can cause a vibration. but you tend to notice it at 55mph and above. there has been a problem with your vehicle that has to do with the hood fluttering causing a vibration. I believe it has to do with the hood latch mechanism. if you research your vehicle and hood fluttering you will see other have that problem, I am not sure if this is what’s going on with your vehicle though. have you noticed any slight movement in your hood while driving? if so, it can be the cause. just like sound can travel, so can vibrations.

There is slight movement in the hood while driving. I think they added weather stripping to dampen the hood vibrations. I am going to ask the dealership to look at the hood. Thanks for your insight.