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Vibration at steady speed

my 1990 nissan pathfinder 4x4 has a bad vibration shakes all over when driving at steady speed around 50 to 55 mph, it goes away when you let up on the gas and when you accelerate. Any ideas, thank you

The first thing to consider is an unbalanced tire or one with internal damage. So before doing anything else, rotate the tires front to rear. See if the symptoms change. If so, you know it’s a tire problem. Otherwise let us know for further advice.

A wheel or tire problem would be there all the time between 50 and 70 mph. It would not matter if you were accelearting or coasting or steady.

So I think your problem is NOT a tire or wheel problem. I suspect CV or U joints.

Thanks I pretty much suspected it could be u joints I don’t think its cv cause its rwd. Tire are only about 1 month old but I will have the balance checked on all 4 as well just in case, thanks for the input

You said it was 4x4 in your original post, so that would have meant there were a lot more parts that could have a problem. An RWD vehicle should have 2 or 3 universal joint in the driveshaft.

Check the wheel bearings, too. If they have a problem, it should be more evident, but this could just be the beginnings of a bigger problem, and fixing it now can prevent worse ones showing up.