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Vibration at highway speeds

My 2003 Ford Taurus vibrates when I am going between 60-80. Before and after those speeds it is fine. I read an article from Tom and Ray in my local paper that instructed to do a couple things to see what it could be. I cut out the article and have never seen it again! One step was to drive on the freeway and take your foot off the gas to see if the vibration stopped. If it did, such and such was the problem, etc. I think another thing to try was put it in N, and if the vibrations stopped it was another problem. Could I get a list of those options to try again?! I would love to know what the problem could be before I take it in!


If you put it in neutral and the problem goes away…could mean it’s in the engine…possibly a engine mount. If the problem doesn’t go away…the problem is in the drive drive system…(could be suspension or even tranny…or even CV Joints).

Step one, have your tires inspected / balanced…

Tire and wheel end vibrations are pretty much confined to 50 to 70 mph and will there all the time.

If the problem only occurs when you use the brakes - it’s the brakes, usually warped rotors.

If the problem only occurs when you turn the steering wheel or dis-appears when you turn the steering wheel, it’s probably CV joints.

If the problem changes if you accellerate or let off the gas (and don’t touch the brake pedal), it’s probably CV or U joints.

If you put the car in neutral and the problem goes away, it’s probably in the engine.

Good advice…Even though there may not be a vibration at other speeds…I’ve seen tires that were out of balance…only vibrate at certain speed range.