Vibration @ 65kph 2001 Silverado


Can anyone give me a place to start looking for a vibration in my 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 extcab? I can feel it when I excelerate through or cruise @ 60-70 kph.


Have your wheel balance checked on all four. Its simple and relatively cheap and most common cause of vibration especially in that speed range.


Any other ideas, I’ve had that done already, as well as checked the u joints. Sorry, I guess I should have mentioned that in the first place.


A small amount of liquid in tires has given me similar symptoms. The liquid has no effect at low speeed and centrifugal force seems to spread the liquid evenly as speed increases. Flat fixer in a can is the most common source. Tire balancers seem to quickly accelerate past the RPM range where the vibration is noticeable.


Thanks to both of you guys for your help. Does anyone else have another idea, I need all the help I can get! I just bought this thing and other than this problem, I LOVE IT! But it is a bit annoying because I drive 65kph alot!


Could there be a weight off of the drive shaft or maybe I need a tire alinement? Any other ideas? Does anyone know how much those 2 things cost? I’m not much of a mechanic and I don’t want to spend all kinds of $$ on things I know nothing about!! Please help!


65kph? Thats 42 miles per hour.

I think you just made a typo and meant to say 65 Miles per hour.


No mistake or typo, I’m in Canada. The road I travel to get to work is posted 60kph, so speeding abit, I drive around 65kph to get to work.


No problem, I live in Canada too.

In your third post you said you drive at 65kph a lot. Slight misunderstanding is all.

There’s a long list of possibilities when vibrations are the subject.

Apart from guessing here, it’s a crap shoot to get the diagnosis right.

I’d hate to be the one to suggest you try something to find that didn’t fix the problem.

Unless you are going to do the work yourself, it’s best to just find a reputable independent tech/shop to test drive the truck (With you in it) and let them take it from there.

You can crawl under the truck and check the driveshaft yourself instead of paying a shop to do it…

While you’re under there have a look at the motor and tranny mounts. You’ll need a pry bar to move both when checking. Just watch what you pry against.

The start of a tire separation can cause a vibration before the weird ride starts.

This will (or should be) checked before (and during) an alignment.

Have you heard any slight growling or groaning noises coming from wheel bearings or the rear differential?


If your truck has a center U joint in the driveshaft - look there. These vehicles with center U joints were problematic. There was a bulletin out out them, but I’m not sure the bulleetin always fixed the problem. Might need to weld in some reinforcement to the bracket.


On my 2001 Silverado, the U joints went at about 60,000 miles. The left front wheel bearing wnet out soon after. The right front wheel bearing lasted until about 120,000 miles. Depending on your mileage, these are good places to check.